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First Class Financial Services
We are a Denver based mortgage company with 18 years experience in the business. Our commitment to personalized service has earned us a loyal following. Whether we are serving our customers or our Real Estate partners, we are committed to creating an exceptional mortgage experience and building relationships that last a lifetime. We have reached out to you because we feel you may be a fit to join our team.
We Care About Our Work
  • We bring heart and service to an industry that is difficult, archaic, and unnecessarily painful.

  • The industry is primarily focused on a faster and easier experience. We, on the other hand, have taken the time to look under the hood and address the real issues effecting the entire mortgage process.

  • With us, every detail matters. From our DE Underwriter who pre-underwrites your files, to our own software that manages every single detail. Nothing is left to anyone's memory. Really, it's all handled!

We Care For You
  • You have a reputation to uphold. Our team and our process is dedicated to honoring and maintaining that reputation.

  • It’s possible to have your work be of pure service. Pure service to you and pure service to your clients. This is at the core of who we are.

  • Focus on your clients and do what you are passionate about. Leave the rest to the team. Submit your loan and it will always close on time or early.

Our Process
Hire Good People
Our biggest asset is our people. We focus on finding the right people, people with integrity, people with heart.

Processing to Perfection
Perfection takes time. We've spent years refining the mortgage process so that what we do leaves people amazed.

Invest in Technology
We have a dedicated software development team. Their primary focus is making things more efficient, transparent, and simple.

Our Technology
We went in search of the best mortgage processing software and ultimately found nothing that fit our needs. So, we built our own.

  • Our software manages every detail, for every transaction, for every investor, to make sure nothing is dropped out.

  • From system alerts, to proactive date management, our system leaves nothing to anyone's memory.

  • Is the appraisal on track? Are conditions signed off? Will the CD go out on time? With our software these are the questions you'll never have to ask.

  • Effectively manage your prospects, see real time updates for files in process, and review the analytics of your business with our Loan Officer Dashboard.

Our People
Michael Delzer
President / Founder President
Chris Starks
Sr Loan Officer Sr Loan Officer
Eric Wiseman
CTO / Developer CTO
Paul Bennett
Sr Underwriter Sr Underwriter
Amy Rostocil
Loan Processor Loan Processor
Other Benefits
Competitive Compensation
Full Autonomy
Convenient Office Location

Friendly, Causal Atmosphere
Health Insurance
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